Australian Muscle Cars Sale

Muscle car news from the weekend 26/06/2021 held at Lloyds Auctions.

Holden Torana A9X Hatchback with just 475km on the odometer since new has sold under the hammer for $775,000 plus Auction Costs.

Lloyds auctions keep setting records with the stock and the entertainment during the co


Best selling small and micro cars

With the development of small and micro cars around the world, there are over 40 manufacturers working hard in this space. All overseas companies unfortunately. It would be great if we manufactured cars here even if we subsidised them.

Despite this, Australian drivers are well supplied with


Buying a Car

When you buy a used car from a licensed dealer, you are protected by Motor Dealers legislation and you are entitled to a statutory warranty, a cooling off period, Clear title guarantees and a Motor Dealers claim fund if things don’t go well with the car.

If you buy a car privately, you ar


Best Car Fuel Economy

Fuel economy is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a car. Fuel prices do go up and down from time to time on a consistent basis, which is crazy, however let’s work out the best fuel value for money with owning a car.

Fuel economy has been important for all concerned


Best Caravan to Buy


Caravans generally are a fixed rectangle shape made of powder coated or painted sheet tin or a poly product. Caravans have been around for hundreds of years in the Middle East and later in the wild west of America. The materials have certainly changed and they have developed to w


Best First Cars to Buy

What is the best first car to buy when you have just got your learners permit or P plate licence? Well, it depends on who’s paying for it – you or your parents, to what you can get. 

If you or your parents have a limited budget, like most of us, we have compiled five of the best from C

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